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Tannackerstrasse 7
3073 Gümligen

Tannackerstrasse 7
3073 Gümligen

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Colorful jewels & gemstones

Carefully selected for you by
Mrs. GemmaDonna: Lena Kasparian.

Welcome to the house of GemmaDonna

We celebrate you as the woman you are; independent, capable and confident. We honor the gifts life has given to you and appreciate the woman it has caused you to become: wise, real and unapologetic. We rejoice the way it has shaped your soul to be loving, kind and strong. We appreciate you.

The experiences you have are the colors of life. Here in the house of GemmaDonna we understand it all matters. Every journey you have taken to become all you are, in all of your glory. We stand with you.

Sometimes you may not see it yourself, so we are here to remind you, it is now your turn. It is your time. You may not buy jewellery every day. The day you choose to do so, is the moment you realise happiness is a choice not a consequence. We choose you.

"Every woman should experience the joy of owning something precious and beautiful."

All of our pieces can be worn with comfort and are designed to be used every day. We like to describe them as silently and comfortably luxurious. The experience of wearing beautiful, high-quality jewellery pieces is meant to bring you happiness and joy. We also believe in enjoying a piece truly; you are meant to wear them every day so that they can add to the beauty of your life - the same way as a fresh bouquet of flowers, your most beautiful and cosy cashmere sweater or the scent of your favourite perfume.

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