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Tannackerstrasse 7
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Tannackerstrasse 7
3073 Gümligen

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

The story of GemmaDonna


My name is Lena Kasparian. I live in Switzerland, Bern, and I am the owner of the GemmaDonna. My jeweller-husband Noubar and I produce beautiful, classic, feminine high-end jewellery for women. What makes our products so unique is the love we pour in choosing every single stone individually while having a vision of a piece we want to create. We travel the world in a quest for the stones for our creations.

I believe every woman should experience the joy of owning something precious and beautiful.

To tell you a secret, I have conversations with the jewelry, and sometimes I intuitively find the right owners for the pieces we created.

I have lived a full life. I have an Armenian heritage and was raised in Lebanon. I speak several languages: Armenian, Arabic, English, German, Turkish, French and Italian.

Here is something special about me. I was considered a miracle child due to my unique voice and exceptional musical talent, and my first career was in music. As a young lady, only seventeen at the time, I left home to pursue my career at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria.

As a very young woman, I was certain I wanted to pursue my dream. So when all my friends were getting married and raising children, I prioritised my dream and fulfilled the expectations set for a miracle child of becoming the world's next Maria Callas.

However, the pressure of everyday life forced me to accept a job as part of the opera choir, and to my great disappointment, I realised that the life I had pursued all this time wasn't meant to happen.

I left the opera heartbroken.

We know that you can take a girl away from opera, but not the opera away from the girl. I still perform in the churches and consulates and celebrations on occasion and teach students who need my musical expertise and support. These students have a special place in my heart because I know how hard it can be to make it into that profession. We direct part of the proceeds from our jewellery pieces towards supporting these highly talented students.

After leaving opera, I went back to the family jewellery business and soon after, I discovered my natural talent and love for choosing the stones for the pieces.

Past 18 years, the stones I have chosen have received a new life in the hands of my beloved husband, Noubar. He is the natural talent behind all the beautiful pieces you see on these pages.

When he is in the creative process, he works on the piece until it's precisely as he envisioned it. I have witnessed him perfecting the piece he is working on five times. Nothing less than perfect will ever leave his atelier.

I want you to know that you can wear every piece we have with comfort, and they are designed to be used every day. I like to describe them as silently and comfortably luxurious. The experience of wearing beautiful high-quality pieces are meant to bring you happiness and joy. I also believe in enjoying a piece truly; you are meant to wear them every day so that they can add to the beauty of your life - the same way as a fresh bouquet of flowers, your most beautiful and cosy cashmere sweater or the scent of your favourite perfume.

I genuinely want to get to know you better and hear about your story!

With love,